Like any part of your body we age all over – everywhere – and the cheeks are no exception.  Everyone wants to have nice cheek bones with a young youthful contour but for many of us we have lost that young youthful look but despair not.  There are things we can do to improve that contour.  One way to enhance filling cheek contour is to use one of the many available fillers like Restylane, Voluma or Radiesse.  This can fill the cheek bone area and actually lift the smile lines or nasolabial folds.  The fillers will usually last several months or up to a year.  Another alternative and one that I am utilizing more and more is to use a patients’ own fat – we call this autologous fat grafting.  This will provide a more permanent solution and it is ALL NATURAL – we are using your own fat.  What is great about using your own fat is that you can augment other areas of your face that show signs of aging such as the area BELOW your cheekbones where you look “sunken in” or “hollow”.  It is very easy to augment the other areas of the face that have become deficient or sunken in AND  it is so much more cost effective.  Fat grafting is a very powerful tool to rejuvenate an aging face.   Another option is to place cheek implants in the cheek area for a more permanent fill.  I am not a big fan of implants and don’t do them.  They can get uncomfortable, feel tight or shift causing asymmetry.  To me a patients’ own fat is the way to go.