Botox – The Reach Expands

By now almost anyone walking on this planet knows the word Botox – they may not know what it is or how it works but it has become over the years a household name.

Recently Botox received FDA approval for it’s third indication which is for forehead wrinkles.  Botox is now the ONLY neurotoxin to […]

Botox Myths

Botox is or has become a common household term today.  As popular as it is there are several misconceptions about Botox.  First, remember Botox is safe to use even though it is developed from botulinum protein, a very toxic substance.  It is important to remember if done properly, Botox treatments are not painful.  Many […]

Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Many times a breast augmentation is done with OTHER cosmetic procedures. After augmentation, the most common was mastopexy (lift) with augmentation and lastly breast reduction. Overall major complications occurred in 1.46% of the patients with hematoma and infection being the most common. The two […]

Stretch Marks – Fact and Fiction

If there is one thing people – men and women despise is stretch marks.  They are commonly called strial.  Usually they occur as the skin is stretched most commonly by pregnancy or excessive weight gain.  When the skin is overly stretched collagen production in the dermis is disrupted and strial develop.  Stretch marks occur […]

Liquid Facelift

I read and hear this term all the time.  Patients ask me “what is a liquid facelift?”  It really is not a lift in the traditional sense of the word.  What it is in reality is a facial rejuvenation technique that involves the injection of various fillers in areas of the face to help […]

Newer Trends in 2016

The statistics are in and 2016 is now in the record books.  We saw 17.1 million surgical and minimally invasive procedures performed with breast augmentation and Botox leading the way.  Overall the 2016 statistics saw a 3% increase over 2015. Facial cosmetic procedures saw a sharp rise and once again are one of the […]

Botox and it’s Effect on Muscles

Some physicians are using Botox to contour parts of our bodies by injecting the Botox into certain muscle groups such as the masseter muscle for mandibular contouring and also to cause atrophy to large overactive calf muscles.  Various studies have shown that repeated injections of botulism toxin has shown to increase the duration of […]

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New Fillers – Volift and Vobella

I often wonder where people come up with these names.  Neuro modulators and fillers remain the number 1 and number 2 procedures done in terms of numbesr by plastic surgeons.  Both of these new fillers have a crosslinking that makes their degradation slow down to the point they may last over one year.  Allergan, […]

Allergen Growing Again!

It seems like the order of the day is big is good, bigger is better.  Sort of like some people’s opinions on government.  Allergan recently acquired a company called Anterias.  Why Anterias?  They have developed a new technology that will deliver neurotoxins such as Botox transdermally aka NO MORE SHOTS!  How cool is that!

New Kid on the Block

Every time I turn around there is a new laser, a new filler and soon there may be a new “Botox” on the way. This new neurotoxin is called EVOSAYAL and the company making it was just given FDA clearance to begin clinical trials. This is a big market. Neurotoxins were injected over 6 […]