Are breast implants associated with breast cancer?

Without a doubt breast augmentation has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates. One question I get asked periodically from patients is whether or not breast implants are associated with breast cancer. I recently read an article by the plastic surgery department at the University of Amsterdam. The authors performed a meta analysis (whatever […]

One Stage Implant Salvation After Periprosthetic Implant Infection

One of the most devastating complications following breast augmentation is the development of a post operative infection. Once this occurs the standard therapy was to try a course of an appropriate antibiotic and if unsuccessful then one generally has to remove the implant followed by replacement months later.

A recent article was published in the […]

Capsulectomy Specimens – Pathologic Exam

I tell most of my augmentation patients that in time a revision or exchange may be desired or necessary. The reasons for this are many. When I do an exchange I sometimes will do partial or total capsulectomy. Generally, I do not send the tissue removed for pathologic exam since this will cause a […]