Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Many times a breast augmentation is done with OTHER cosmetic procedures. After augmentation, the most common was mastopexy (lift) with augmentation and lastly breast reduction. Overall major complications occurred in 1.46% of the patients with hematoma and infection being the most common. The two […]

Breast Augmentation and Breast Feeding

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular operations we do.  Many potential patients are younger and unmarried so many will question about the effects of breast implants and nursing. I always tell patients getting pregnant and nursing children will have certain long term effects of your breasts, with our without implants.  In my […]

Sub-Pectoral Breast Augmentation – What Happens to the Muscle?

When doing a breast augmentation, there are usually two areas into which we place the implant – sub-glandular (below the gland) or sub-pectoral or (below the muscle). Some surgeons employ one or the other technique exclusively where as I will decide based on the type of implant, the patients desires and their anatomy. But […]

Breast Implants – Round or Anatomical?

This is a question I always get asked and for the most part I don’t think it matters.  There was a study done comparing round implants versus anatomical implants on several breast augmentation patients.  Several received mammogram’s either 3 or 6 months post op and guess what?  They were all round.  A recent study […]

Does Implant Shape Matter?

Many times women come in to see me for breast augmentation and in many cases the conversation turns to implant shape – round or anatomical (tear drop). On the surface one might readily say the more natural tear drop shape. A recent study was done to see if in fact shape really does matter. […]

Lymphoma Associated with Breast Augmentation

There have been about 200 cases of BIL-ALCL – in other words breast implant associated anaplastic.  A recent article linked the development of this lymphoma to chronic inflammation via bacterial infection.  It is believed that bacterial antigens trigger the development of this type of lymphoma.  Usually this type of lymphoma develops years after implantation […]

Breast Augmentation – Exciting New Option

One of the most exciting things to happen in plastic surgery is the development of techniques where we use a patient’s own fat to rebuild their breasts.  This is a win win.  On many of my breast aug patient’s I recommend what I call  a COMPOSITE AUG.  I use an implant, preferably silicone and […]

Current Concepts in Breast Augmentation – What is the Best Way?

I recently posted some ideas of mine having done breast augs for upwards of 37 years.  There was a very interesting article that was a capsule summary of a questionnaire answered by 1067 plastic surgeons.  So I thought you all might be interested in the results.

Almost 52% of surgeons DO NOT use anatomical implants.  […]

What’s Trending in Plastic Surgery

Surgical procedures increased by 7% in 2015 over 2014 numbers while non-surgical procedures increased by 22% in 2015. Other popular procedures included fat grafting to the buttock, breast and face. Recently I have performed surgery on several women who wanted their implants removed and replaced with their own fat. The added benefit is that […]

New Kid on the Block – New Breast Implant

There are long term consequences of using large heavy silicone breast implants. One can see loss of breast volume, dropping of the inframammary fold, stretching of the breast tissues accelerating the development of breast sagging.  There is a new implant called the B-Lite breast implant manufactured in Israel  by G&G Biotechnology.  It is NOT […]