What Can You Include in Your Mommy Makeover?

Are you done having kids and ready to get your pre-pregnancy body back? If so, it might be time for a mommy makeover procedure. A mommy makeover can involve virtually the whole body and combine procedures for a customizable, full-body rejuvenation. Here are a few common procedures that can be included in your mommy […]

Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Many times a breast augmentation is done with OTHER cosmetic procedures. After augmentation, the most common was mastopexy (lift) with augmentation and lastly breast reduction. Overall major complications occurred in 1.46% of the patients with hematoma and infection being the most common. The two […]

Interesting Trends in Breast Surgery

When we think of breast surgery I guess in most people’s mind we think of breast augmentation or breast enlargement.  It still remains one of the most requested cosmetic procedures we do but things are changing.  Comparing 2015 to 2014 breast aug’s are down2%.  I know in my practice I see more and more […]

Wound Closure – A New Time Saver

I read an interesting article about wound closure in breast reductions and tummy tucks.  To close these incisions precisely to get a good outcome is time consuming.  There is now a new product called the Insorb system, which is FDA approved.  The results from this study showed good scar quality compared to standard wound […]

Cosmetic Surgery: What Are The Risks?


Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift/Reduction
Coronal Lift or Brow Lift

There are certain risks that are part and parcel to any operation. I tell all my patients that bruising, swelling, scarring, infection and bleeding are potential problems as with any operation whether it is a cosmetic procedure or functional such as hernia repair. People occasionally ask me […]

What Are The Risks With Breast Lift/Breast Reduction

Both of these operations are very popular. Both involve reshaping of the breast by removing excess skin and relocation of the nipple. However, in a breast reduction we go one step further in that we remove excess breast tissue to take extra weight off of a patient’s neck, back & shoulders. In some cases […]

Breast Reduction and Teenagers

We have 2 groups of individuals – an elderly female who has struggled for years with neck back and shoulder pain as a result of severe macromastia. The quality of their life has been severely diminished as a result of their condition. On the other hand you have a young female who is the […]

Does Mastopexy Affect Bra Size?

Many women come in for breast lift surgery. I always try to explain the difference between a breast lift or mastopexy and a breast reduction procedure. The difference is that in a breast reduction you are removing skin AND breast tissue whereas in a mastopexy or breast lift, you are only removing skin.

A recent […]

Fat Grafting During Breast Reconstruction

One of the exciting new frontiers in plastic surgery is utilizing your own tissue to do reconstruction. I am all for using your own fat to volumize depressed areas or using larger volumes for reconstructing your own breast. This is truly exciting and will give the surgeon more viable options. Many people have fat […]