Are breast implants associated with breast cancer?

Without a doubt breast augmentation has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates. One question I get asked periodically from patients is whether or not breast implants are associated with breast cancer. I recently read an article by the plastic surgery department at the University of Amsterdam. The authors performed a meta analysis (whatever […]

Coffee – The New Anti-Oxidant

It seems we are always changing our story. I truly enjoy my morning coffee. New studies in women reveal that women who drink at least 4 cups of coffee daily have an 18% reduced risk of developing endometrial cancer versus women who don’t drink coffee. Why? There may be antioxidants contained in coffee that […]

BOTOX – Anything New?

Botox came on the scene in a big, big way and continues to seek out new ways to enhance our lives. A new direction may be in the offering.

Botox may now be  used in the fight against cancer. Research done in mice shows nerves can encourage the growth of stomach cancer (vagus nerve). If […]