Are breast implants associated with breast cancer?

Without a doubt breast augmentation has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates. One question I get asked periodically from patients is whether or not breast implants are associated with breast cancer. I recently read an article by the plastic surgery department at the University of Amsterdam. The authors performed a meta analysis (whatever […]

Biofilm Infection in Breast Implants

A biofilm is a glycoprotein that is produced by bacteria that bind to the silastic elastomer in the breast implant. These bacteria come from the patients skin and are contained within the breast ducts. A recent clinical study showed a reduction in capsular contracture from 6% to .6% by irrigating the pocket with antibacterial […]

Capsulectomy Specimens – Pathologic Exam

I tell most of my augmentation patients that in time a revision or exchange may be desired or necessary. The reasons for this are many. When I do an exchange I sometimes will do partial or total capsulectomy. Generally, I do not send the tissue removed for pathologic exam since this will cause a […]

Capsular Contraction: New Treatment Model

I tell all of my patients they will develop a capsule as a normal response to the presence of a foreign body such as a breast implant. The key is to keep this capsule soft and natural. There is no simple answer and there are so many techniques various surgeons propose to eliminate the […]

Capsular Contracture – Role of Antibiotics

One of the complications that can occur with breast augmentation is the formation of a hard unnatural feeling breast. This is a capsule. Every breast implant that is inserted will form a capsule because this is our bodies normal response to a foreign body so the key is: how do we keep that capsule […]