Male or Female – The Choice is Yours

When we contemplate having cosmetic surgery one of our considerations is do we go to or prefer a male or female plastic surgeon.  There was a recent article that was a retrospective analysis of 200 consecutive calls to a plastic surgeons practice that had one female and one male plastic surgeon.  All patients were […]

Faster Is Sometimes Better

The most important thing is patient safety. I am committed to make sure my patients are at their optimum before surgery. I have always felt to maximize patient safety I try to limit my patients operating room time. There is a DIRECT correlation between time of surgery and post operative complication rates. The longer […]

Caution – Beware

The healthcare landscape changes daily – reimbursements fall – costs of practicing medicine rise and the paper forms add nausea to the equation. This has created an environment where a potential cosmetic surgery patient is a walking land mine. Everyone is doing Botox, fillers, Ultherapy, lasers – you name it. Next on the list […]