Plastic Surgery and Obese Patients

It’s hard to listen to the news or read a paper where we don’t hear about the obesity epidemic all across America.  It is estimated that 69% of all U.S. adults are overweight and about 35% are obese  (they have a BMI above 30) We all know the risk factors with obesity.  How do […]

Diet Soda – Something to Ponder

At one time I was a big proponent of diet soda. It made simple sense – fewer calories – less weight. Sounds simple and easy. But I just saw an article in Journal of The American Geriatrics Society that followed 749 senior citizens over the age of 65. They followed them for 9 years. […]

Coffee – The New Anti-Oxidant

It seems we are always changing our story. I truly enjoy my morning coffee. New studies in women reveal that women who drink at least 4 cups of coffee daily have an 18% reduced risk of developing endometrial cancer versus women who don’t drink coffee. Why? There may be antioxidants contained in coffee that […]

Fat Reversal

What amazes me is how as time advances, we reverse our earlier thinking on scientific facts. For years, fat, red meat and cholesterol were shunned – they were a NO! NO! As Americans turned their diets away from meat, dairy and fat – they turned to rice, flour, bread, sugar and all kinds of […]

Iron Stores – May Effect Aging

We are in hot pursuit of the “Fountain of Youth” or the holy grail of anti-aging. As each day passes a new material or substance is linked to aging. In a study in nematodes they found that by restricting iron stores the nematodes lived longer.  So as we age our iron stores increase. Perhaps […]

Heart Disease – Younger Than You Think

I guess we all think of heart disease as a disease of adults and old age. But a recent study done in Leipzig, Germany found evidence that heart disease in obese children may start younger than you think. They studied 61 overweight kids from 8 – 21 and compared them to children with normal weight. The […]

Chocolate Lovers – Celebrate!

We probably all know a “chocolaholic” and in fact that may be you, or me, or anyone! I’m a partisan to vanilla. But now there may be an extra benefit from chocolate. Chocolate contains a substance called epicatechin – a flavonoid. A study involved two groups of healthy people age 50-69. One half were […]