Men Are In The Game

Trends are trends.  It seems more and more men are coming to the table to have cosmetic procedures done.  Some of the more common procedures are upper eyelid surgery, face lifts, suction of love handles and removal of male breast tissue or gynecomastia.  Non-surgical procedures mainly Botox saw a 95% increase over the last […]

The Miracle of miraDry

To incorporate a new technology in my practice, my number one priority is – does it work and will it deliver a high degree of success. Once the salesman has your signature on a contract it now becomes your burden and responsibility. A while back, after doing much research, I purchased a miraDry machine […]

Cosmetic Surgery Among Aging Middle Age Men

It is interesting to note trends or changes in patterns. One I have seen, along with others is the increasing number of middle age men seeking cosmetic surgery. Some may say it’s vanity but I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to look your best. Along with this is the fact more […]

Hair Loss – Hope Is On The Horizon

Many of us love and eat honey everyday but now that sweet delicacy may have a potential treatment for human baldness. The product found in honeybee hives is called propolis. Researchers Ken Kobuyoski and his colleagues tested the product on shaved mice. Mice treated with propolis regrew their fur faster. Sometimes hair loss is […]

Risks Associated With Upper/Lower Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

This is a very common procedure especially for upper eyelids. Many times people will have excess skin that can impair their field of vision and in this case it may be covered by insurance. One can experience a corneal abrasion if a suture inadvertently rubs across the cornea. There can be excessive tearing or […]

Hot New Trend in Plastic Surgery

I guess if there is a procedure on everyone’s radar screen it would be buttock lift. One can raise the buttock by a combination of techniques such as skin excision, implants or fat grafting. I am not a proponent of buttock implants – it’s just something I choose not to do, but I feel […]

Iron Stores – May Effect Aging

We are in hot pursuit of the “Fountain of Youth” or the holy grail of anti-aging. As each day passes a new material or substance is linked to aging. In a study in nematodes they found that by restricting iron stores the nematodes lived longer.  So as we age our iron stores increase. Perhaps […]

Gynecomastia In Body Builders

I see a fairly large number of men who suffer from gynecomastia. The reasons vary and in most cases it is idiopathic. Many of the men who consult with me are body builders. This represents a unique subset of people who suffer from gynecomastia. Most of these men have a history of anabolic steroid […]

New Risk Associated with Cellular Phones

Every time you read something it seems to negate or change what we learned earlier. Several years ago there was – and I guess still is – a big scare on cell phones and their possible link to brain tumors. Now a new scare comes on the scene. It seems that EMR (electromagnetic radiation […]