Scars and Vitamin E

I hear it all the time from patients, “can I use vitamin E on my scars”?  Often times patients will ask me what is the best scar cream.  The answer is the best scar cream for you is the one that works best on you.  There are so many choices and one choice is […]

Diabetes and Cosmetic Procedures

When we do any cosmetic procedure we always want a patient in optimal condition.  Many of the patients I do have diabetes – both type 1 and type 2.  I recently read an article that included 129,000 plus patients who underwent cosmetic procedures during a 5 year span between 2008-2013.  In this group they […]

Diet Soda – Something to Ponder

At one time I was a big proponent of diet soda. It made simple sense – fewer calories – less weight. Sounds simple and easy. But I just saw an article in Journal of The American Geriatrics Society that followed 749 senior citizens over the age of 65. They followed them for 9 years. […]

New Therapy For Skin Cancer

Every time I channel surf in the afternoon I come across Dr. Oz. He always is promoting new products. One caught my eye – it is a product called Curaderm. This product was championed by Dr. Joe Mecola and is used to cure NON-MELANOMA skin cancers. It is used twice a day with some […]

What Are The Risks With Breast Lift/Breast Reduction

Both of these operations are very popular. Both involve reshaping of the breast by removing excess skin and relocation of the nipple. However, in a breast reduction we go one step further in that we remove excess breast tissue to take extra weight off of a patient’s neck, back & shoulders. In some cases […]

New Link To Dementia

It seems we hear everyday no correlation or links are being found between diet, drugs and medical conditions. Some of those “medications” are sometimes very common in their use. A recent study done at University of Washington followed just over 3400 senior citizens for 8 years.  The incidence of Alzheimer’s/Dementia in this group was […]

Coffee – The New Anti-Oxidant

It seems we are always changing our story. I truly enjoy my morning coffee. New studies in women reveal that women who drink at least 4 cups of coffee daily have an 18% reduced risk of developing endometrial cancer versus women who don’t drink coffee. Why? There may be antioxidants contained in coffee that […]

Meditate Your Way to Brain Health

As we age (starting in our mid twenty’s) our brains begin to “shrink” and we can lose cognitive function. A study done at UCLA studied brain scans in 50 people who meditated for at least 4 or more years compared to those who did not. The result was that people who meditated on a […]

Fat Reversal

What amazes me is how as time advances, we reverse our earlier thinking on scientific facts. For years, fat, red meat and cholesterol were shunned – they were a NO! NO! As Americans turned their diets away from meat, dairy and fat – they turned to rice, flour, bread, sugar and all kinds of […]

Iron Stores – May Effect Aging

We are in hot pursuit of the “Fountain of Youth” or the holy grail of anti-aging. As each day passes a new material or substance is linked to aging. In a study in nematodes they found that by restricting iron stores the nematodes lived longer.  So as we age our iron stores increase. Perhaps […]