Tattoo’s No More

Tattoo’s are popular to say the least but many people who have adorned their bodies with tattoo’s have regrets.  Removing a tattoo  can be expensive, difficult and leave unsightly scars.  But help may soon be on the way.  A tattoo removal cream is being developed at Dalhouse Clinic in Halifax Nova Scotia.  The work […]

The Miracle of miraDry

To incorporate a new technology in my practice, my number one priority is – does it work and will it deliver a high degree of success. Once the salesman has your signature on a contract it now becomes your burden and responsibility. A while back, after doing much research, I purchased a miraDry machine […]

New FDA Approved At-Home Laser

We have seen such a proliferation of promotions offering non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as fillers and Botox. Now the newest wrinkle is – get this – an FDA approved at-home laser system called Iluminage Skin Smoothing Laser. This is the first at-home laser device approved by the FDA to treat fine lines and wrinkles […]