New Technology – Wow!

The FDA recently gave approval for Cynosure’s SCULPSURE!  The technology is based on controlled hyperthermia to destroy fat cells.  One can heat the fat cells to a certain temperature to destroy them.  The body’s immune system then comes in to sweep these fat cells away.  Studies were done on abdominal lipectomy specimens  What they […]

New Kid on the Block – New Breast Implant

There are long term consequences of using large heavy silicone breast implants. One can see loss of breast volume, dropping of the inframammary fold, stretching of the breast tissues accelerating the development of breast sagging.  There is a new implant called the B-Lite breast implant manufactured in Israel  by G&G Biotechnology.  It is NOT […]

Allergen Growing Again!

It seems like the order of the day is big is good, bigger is better.  Sort of like some people’s opinions on government.  Allergan recently acquired a company called Anterias.  Why Anterias?  They have developed a new technology that will deliver neurotoxins such as Botox transdermally aka NO MORE SHOTS!  How cool is that!

Risk Factors/Complications in Facelifts

In 2014 there were over 126,000 facelifts performed in the United States.  This is one of the most requested and popular facial procedures performed.  A study looked at over 129,000

Patients enrolled in CosmetAssure from 2008-2013.  The overall complication rate was 1.8%.  The two most common complications were hematoma and infection.  Risks were slightly higher […]

Dr. Brueck featured on ReleaseWire and Digital Journal

Read these two articles on Dr. Brueck’s various mission trips and volunteer work across the globe! Click the links below to view the posts via ReleaseWire and Digital Journal.