Caution: Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

As we speed a head here in the 21st century we all want a quick and easy and I might add inexpensive fix to appear younger and better.  We all want the perfect world.  However, a word of caution.  One recent non-surgical technique is called Kybella.  These are injections to melt fat under the […]

What To Expect In 2015

Some areas I think will increase and happen in 2015:

Surge in buttock lifts such as the Brazilian buttock lift or augmenting the buttock with fat
Doing combination breast augmentations – by that I mean supplement the augmentation patient with fat grafting to provide a more natural look
Increased demand for Quicklift – a minimal down time […]

Help is on the way!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I can’t help but be reminded of the infamous “turkey gobbler neck.” I am reminded of one of my patients who had a waddle under her chin and innocently her grandson asked her what was in her sack? She was in my office the next day.

Now there may […]