What Can You Include in Your Mommy Makeover?

Are you done having kids and ready to get your pre-pregnancy body back? If so, it might be time for a mommy makeover procedure. A mommy makeover can involve virtually the whole body and combine procedures for a customizable, full-body rejuvenation. Here are a few common procedures that can be included in your mommy […]

The Basics of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is done to help restore one or both breasts following a mastectomy, and can greatly improve a person’s sense of well-being and confidence. There are multiple breast reconstruction procedures that can be performed, and can either be done at the time of mastectomy or at a later date. Because October is Breast […]

The Impact of Body Contouring in Massive Weight Loss Patients and Urologic Outcomes

Many massively obese patients suffer from urinary incontinence.  The question then becomes as more and more of these patient’s getting body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasties, how does this effect their urinary incontinence?  Surveys pre and post body contouring were done in a series of 102 patients.  Of these patients 44 had preoperative urinary […]

Medical Tourism – Good or Bad?

I primarily do cosmetic surgery and so many times people come in who are considering plastic surgery overseas (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic – whatever) due to cost.  I also have seen many patients who’s results were less than ideal.  So the question is, just how safe is it?  I recently read an article in […]

Male or Female – The Choice is Yours

When we contemplate having cosmetic surgery one of our considerations is do we go to or prefer a male or female plastic surgeon.  There was a recent article that was a retrospective analysis of 200 consecutive calls to a plastic surgeons practice that had one female and one male plastic surgeon.  All patients were […]

Interesting Trends in Breast Surgery

When we think of breast surgery I guess in most people’s mind we think of breast augmentation or breast enlargement.  It still remains one of the most requested cosmetic procedures we do but things are changing.  Comparing 2015 to 2014 breast aug’s are down2%.  I know in my practice I see more and more […]

Is Office Based Surgery Safe?

More and more people are electing to have their surgery in an office based surgery center, but the question remains, is it safe? There now is more clarity to this issue and the answer is YES! I recently read an article which was a prospective analysis of over 129,000 patients who underwent cosmetic surgery […]

Organ Transplants and Cosmetic Surgery

More and more patients are the recipients of solid organ transplants or SOT. Examples include kidney, liver or heart transplants. These patients have their immune systems shut down so their body does not reject their transplanted organ. A recent study included 340 surgeons who performed 552 cosmetic procedures in SOT PATIENTS. The overall complication […]

2015 Statistics on Cosmetic Procedures

Last year 2015, Americans spent over 13.5 billion dollars on wanting to look their best.  Of the most popular surgical procedures, liposuction led the way followed by breast augmentation, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery and mastopexy (breast lift).  Cracking the top 10 for the first time was fat transplantation.  90% of patients are women.  Women […]

Operating Room Time – What is Ideal?

One of my guiding principles for 34 years has been and always will be patient safety. That is number one. More and more surgery is being done safely and effectively as an outpatient so one important question is how long should it be? What time frame should we shoot for? There is no question […]