PRP and Hair Growth

I recently read a new study done to see what effect PRP had on hair growth.  The body of evidence keeps building on the positive effects PRP has on hair growth.

This new study was conducted in mice.  There were 3 groups of mice studied.  One group got PRP (platelet rich plasma), one group got […]

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PRP and Hair Loss

I guess if there is anything we all might want it is a healthy bushy head of hair.  Unfortunately hair loss is everywhere…..women included.  About 40% or more of women at or approaching menopause will have some thinning of hair or hair loss.  No telling how many millions or billions of dollars are spent […]

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The Benefits of PRP Treatments

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Originally used to treat orthopedic injuries, these treatments are also a natural option for rejuvenating the skin and stimulating hair growth in the scalp. By using growth factors in blood platelets, this treatment can trigger new cell generation for an increase in collagen and […]

Generate Hair Growth with Theradome & PRP Therapy

People have been trying to remedy hair loss for a very long time. Hair growth solutions have ranged from topical solutions from the drugstore to surgical transplant solutions. Platelet rich plasma therapy is the next big thing in hair regrowth procedures. In addition to PRP, Dr. Brueck is also offering a home solution that […]

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The 411 on Fat Grafting/Fat Transfer

To me the ability to graft or transfer fat from one part of the body to another has been a tremendous tool I use almost daily to eliminate some of the stigma of aging.  This has been a remarkable advance in cosmetic surgery.  I tell my patients this is “liquid gold”.

One of the sure […]

Stretch Marks – Fact and Fiction

If there is one thing people – men and women despise is stretch marks.  They are commonly called strial.  Usually they occur as the skin is stretched most commonly by pregnancy or excessive weight gain.  When the skin is overly stretched collagen production in the dermis is disrupted and strial develop.  Stretch marks occur […]