New Therapy For Skin Cancer

Every time I channel surf in the afternoon I come across Dr. Oz. He always is promoting new products. One caught my eye – it is a product called Curaderm. This product was championed by Dr. Joe Mecola and is used to cure NON-MELANOMA skin cancers. It is used twice a day with some […]

Skin Cancer – Beware

Our surgeon general, Boris D. Lushniak, has called skin cancer “a major public health problem that requires immediate action.” The number of new cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year exceeds the total for breast, prostrate, lung and colon cancer combined. In the last 30 years the incident of the deadly melanoma has almost […]

Not Enough Sun – Bad

For years all we hear about is that too much sun exposure is bad. It causes skin cancer – we need SPF 50 – your skin will wrinkle and shrivel up. That’s all true but limited sun exposure can be bad too. This study found that women who avoided the sun were twice as […]


We always hear about the sun and how bad it is for our skin. It seems we have done a complete 180 from 20 or so years ago. I see patients all the time who want to play the “how old do you think I am” game. They look 70 but they’re 45 or […]