Stem Cells and PRP

I really feel like stem cells and autologous fat grafting are a new frontier in plastic surgery. We all have heard about PRP (platelet rich plasma). In PRP are many essential growth factors and so a question we always would ask ourselves in the combining of PRP with fat/stem cells – does it improve […]

White Fat Cells vs. Brown Fat Cells

We all love the results of exercising but it is the exercising itself that we loathe. Help may soon be on the way. Our bodies have two types of fat – white fat and brown fat. White fat stores excess calories – UGH! Brown fat burns calories to produce heat. So the question remains, […]

Stem Cells and Strokes

You know my fascination and fondness for stem cells and a new roll is emerging for their use. At the Imperial College in London they studied 5 people between the ages of 40-70 who had strokes involving a blood clot in the middle of their brain. The doctors harvested stem cells from the patient’s […]