Stretch Marks – Fact and Fiction

If there is one thing people – men and women despise is stretch marks.  They are commonly called strial.  Usually they occur as the skin is stretched most commonly by pregnancy or excessive weight gain.  When the skin is overly stretched collagen production in the dermis is disrupted and strial develop.  Stretch marks occur […]

Will I get stretch marks from Breast Augmentation?

Not many patients ever ask me, “If I get an augmentation will I have stretch marks or more stretch marks.” The technical term is strial distensae. Strial usually form 4-12 weeks post-op. The exact cause is unknown. Most patients are usually less than 25 years old. There is also a strong hormonal component, i.e. […]

Stretch Marks No More!

I don’t know about that but there may be hope on the horizon. Two dermatologists, Dr’s. Ken Rothaus and Jeffrey Dover, did a study involving 16 women (average age 46) and the use of radio frequency (RF) energy generating system that features a multi-polar pulsed electromagnetic field. This was usually a 10 minute session […]