Slim Your Legs with a Thigh Lift

While many people may not think of their legs as a problem area, they can be an area of dissatisfaction for many. Surgery to slim the legs is most effective in the upper part of the leg, also known as the thigh. For many individuals, liposuction of the outer or inner thigh or buttock […]

Thighplasty – The Risks Involved

As more and more people are requesting help for overweight conditions we are seeing more and more people coming in for body contouring procedures.  The most requested one is a tummy tuck but we are also seeing a nice rise in the number of people wanting a thigh lift.  A current multicenter trial involved […]

Medial Thigh Lift – New Twist

With the growing epidemic of American obesity, more and more American’s are turning to bariatric or weight loss surgery.  Along with patients’ losing huge amounts of weight, what is left behind is a lot of “stretched” out skin.  A medial thigh lift is one procedure we do infrequently compared to say tummy tucks or […]

Massive Weight Loss and Thigh Lift

We are seeing more and more patients who undergo bariatric surgery to lose massive amounts of weight – and that they actually do.

Once they lose their 80, 90, or 150 lbs. they will need a body overhaul because of all the excess skin. One area that really shows the effects of weight loss are […]