Can I Prevent Skin Cancer?

Living in Southwest Florida, we definitely have our share of sunshine.  Standard sun prevention measures include hats, sunscreen etc.  But some new studies have revealed that taking 500 mg of nicotinamide twice daily can DECREASE the incidence of basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers by 25%.  There is some preliminary evidence it may […]

How to Contour Your Body After Massive Weight Loss

Losing a dramatic amount of weight can result in a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle. However, there are some unwanted physical changes that come with weight loss, such as hanging tissue and loose skin. These can prevent you from showing off the hard work of your weight loss efforts, and some individuals become discouraged. With […]

Protein Rich Plasma and Hair Loss

Today we all want convenience, no pain with no down time.  Androgenic alopecia (AGA), commonly known as male pattern baldness effects up to 80% of men and surprisingly 40% of women.  One of the  new treatment modalities is PRP, or platelet rich plasma injections, coupled with diode laser therapy.  I myself am undergoing those […]

Botox – New Indication

It seems every time we turn around Botox has a new indication.  It’s kind of like becoming a “miracle drug” of sorts.  A recent study took 16 patient’s with the average age of 12 who were having surgery on their face to remove a disfiguring birthmark or something similar.  After surgery half of the […]

Lips: What Do We Really Want?

The lips are in the news all the time.  I guess we all want that “celebrity” look – whatever that may be.  As we now live in the era of the “selfie”, I guess we are consciously looking at ourselves more objectively.  We see our lips, we see our profile – some we like, […]

Threadlift: Fact or Fiction?

Recently I had a patient come into see me regarding a possible facelift.  She had already spent thousands of dollars on a “thread lift.”  She said it was wasted money.  The popularity is because there is minimal downtime and pretty much anyone can perform it.  This was appealing to many non-plastic surgeons such as […]

Common Misconceptions about Liposuction

Liposuction is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S. to help remove unwanted fat. However, there are still many misunderstandings surrounding this procedure. We have compiled a list of common misconceptions and facts to debunk those. Read on to learn more.
Liposuction can Treat Cellulite
Liposuction can only remove soft, fatty tissue. Because cellulite […]

Vitamin C & Hair Loss

Hair loss for the most part is something most people, men and women, experience at some point in time.  The ordinary, everyday vitamin C is an important part of maintaining a healthy head of hair.  Vitamin C makes our hair strong and resilient and it also helps to promote our own body’s production of […]

Changing Eye Color – Can We?

I guess it’s normal in life that we want what we don’t have or at least wish for it.  Now we might be able to attain it.  Most people have brown eyes or a variant there of, but now it is possible to change things as far as eye color is concerned and not […]

PRP and Hair Growth

How many times do we hear “my hair is sooo… thin!” This may be due to lack of number of hair follicles but also the fact that the hair follicles are small or thinner. A recent study of 10 patients, 7 men and 3 women found that platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections into the […]