Obesity – Help on the Way?

America has an obesity epidemic.  Here in America 40% of adults are obese and 30% are overweight – count me in.  But help may be on the horizon.
Researchers at the University of Texas have discovered a compound that will shrink excess fat by increasing fat cell metabolism.  As fat cells grow larger they express […]

Thighplasty – The Risks Involved

As more and more people are requesting help for overweight conditions we are seeing more and more people coming in for body contouring procedures.  The most requested one is a tummy tuck but we are also seeing a nice rise in the number of people wanting a thigh lift.  A current multicenter trial involved […]

Iron Stores – May Effect Aging

We are in hot pursuit of the “Fountain of Youth” or the holy grail of anti-aging. As each day passes a new material or substance is linked to aging. In a study in nematodes they found that by restricting iron stores the nematodes lived longer.  So as we age our iron stores increase. Perhaps […]