3 Life-Changing Reasons to get Eyelid Surgery

The eyelid lift or Blepharoplasty is an underrated facial procedure. Eyelid lifts have both cosmetic and functional benefits, which is what makes them both unique and very worth looking into for someone who is bothered by either the upper or lower eyelid. Many patients who do end up having this procedure, feel that it […]

Am I Too Young for a Facelift?

Patients interested in facelifts are typically in the 50 to 70 age range; however, occasionally there will be a younger patient that is interested in a facelift and their first question is always “Am I too young for a facelift?”. There are many factors that contribute to a patient’s candidacy for a facelift, which […]

Stretch Marks – Fact and Fiction

If there is one thing people – men and women despise is stretch marks.  They are commonly called strial.  Usually they occur as the skin is stretched most commonly by pregnancy or excessive weight gain.  When the skin is overly stretched collagen production in the dermis is disrupted and strial develop.  Stretch marks occur […]

Autologous Fat Grafting for Augmentation

I recently read an article that dealt with the use of autologous fat to enhance breast shape and size.  What was unusual is that this article appeared in the “Journal of Dermatologic Surgery”.  I thought that was unusual and interesting.  It seems specialties are expanding their reach whether justified or not.

This article was basically […]

Fat Grafting in Cosmetic Augmentation

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures we to today.  The return of silicone help increase the popularity.  But one of the latest nuances is to perform a composite augmentation.  Just what is this?  This is using a breast implant plus fat from your stomach and or your flanks to enhance […]

What’s New in Anti-Aging?

One of the questions many of my patients ask me is, “what can I do to preserve/improve my complexion?” They’ve had a facelift and now moving forward wondering what’s next?

Is there something I can do non surgically?

Several months ago one of my patients introduced me to a new product called Liquid BioCell. At first […]

Tattoo’s No More

Tattoo’s are popular to say the least but many people who have adorned their bodies with tattoo’s have regrets.  Removing a tattoo  can be expensive, difficult and leave unsightly scars.  But help may soon be on the way.  A tattoo removal cream is being developed at Dalhouse Clinic in Halifax Nova Scotia.  The work […]

Caution: Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

As we speed a head here in the 21st century we all want a quick and easy and I might add inexpensive fix to appear younger and better.  We all want the perfect world.  However, a word of caution.  One recent non-surgical technique is called Kybella.  These are injections to melt fat under the […]

“Second skin” May Make Wrinkles Disappear

The concept is to cover our aged, wrinkled skin with a thin bio membrane or second skin.  Researchers at MIT have developed a thin transparent polymer film to lay over your “old” skin to give you new skin.  This polymer film is only 70 thousandths of a millimeter.  That’s thin.  You apply it in […]

New Technology – Wow!

The FDA recently gave approval for Cynosure’s SCULPSURE!  The technology is based on controlled hyperthermia to destroy fat cells.  One can heat the fat cells to a certain temperature to destroy them.  The body’s immune system then comes in to sweep these fat cells away.  Studies were done on abdominal lipectomy specimens  What they […]